Connect Groups

Be a BIG part of something small!

We love to invest in each other’s lives, share the awesome and awkward moments together, pray for each other and encourage everyone to live out the unique design and destiny God has given them.

Connect groups are people meeting weekly to connect with God and with one another. So, if you are looking for a place to make new friends, deepen relationships, encounter God’s love and have the occasional party then go ahead and jump in and discover that the big moments in life often happen in the small corners of life.

Q. How do they Work? 
A. Our small groups run in three terms in Autumn, Spring and Summer.  This allows everyone to sign up for groups at the same time, 3 times a year. At the start of each term you’ll be able to choose which group you want to join. At the end of each term you’ll be able to freely change to another group if you desire.

Q.How do I sign up? 
A.Click on the link below. Add your details. Once signed up, either the leader or co-ordinator of the group will get in touch before the starting date.

Q.Do I have to believe the same as you to come? 
A. No, anyone is welcome to come and join the conversation.


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