Always wanted a space to chat about life and the questions it throws at us but never found the time? Come to Alpha. Here we discuss those questions without fear of being judged with people on the same journey.

An Alpha evening involves a cooked meal, a short video and space to share your thoughts and questions. There is no pressure, no follow up, no charge.

We are not hosting Alpha at the moment but if you think this is something you might be interested in, click here for more details.


For more information contact  or ring Cathryn on 07813187675

For more information on the Alpha Course go to

Comments from the last Hemel Vineyard Alpha:

 "I used to be of the opinion of "how can you believe any of that?"...Now after the Alpha course I look back and think "how can't I not of believed it?" 

 'When I started the Alpha course I was a little bit sceptical. Since our first child was born I had felt something shift in my mind but I couldn't quite put my finger on what; I felt it was something to do with God, that he had blessed me with a beautiful child, but I wasn't sure. After just the first Alpha session I knew this was what I had been missing.'" 

"Alpha offered a pressure free glimpse into Christianity and a opportunity to embrace Jesus. Personally this has helped me so much in my own life and in my faith, but at no point did I feel pushed into believing something I wasn't comfortable with. I would recommend alpha to anyone who feels like they are missing something in their life but not sure what."